Step 1:  Fitness Evaluation / Baseline Workout


This is a complimentary class session that explains the CrossFit methodology and evaluates your current level of fitness with a baseline workout during a CrossFit class.

Step 2: Group Classes / Daily WOD


After your introduction, you are now able to participate in the Group CrossFit WOD Classes. Here, you will compete for rounds, time, and points on a daily basis. Playing games, practicing specifics exercises, and learning new skills are also a huge part of the group classes. Here you can build strong relationships with your class members!

Group classes are where the real fun begins. Group classes are filled with motivation, encouragement, and tough love. We are dedicated to making you reach your fitness goals! Classes are run as follows:

Group WOD Class 1 Hour Breakdown:

  • 0-5 minutes – general warm-up
  • 5-15 minutes – WOD specific warm-up/skill instruction
  • 15-45 minutes – Strength and Metcon WOD
  • 45-60 minutes – Cool down

Step 3: Workout and have fun!


Track your times, be competitive, push your boundaries, but most of all – have fun!

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